Inaugural Committee Meeting

On the 21st of April 2017 the inaugural committee meeting was held. Scott Baker had presented on the idea of a Victorian Records Appraisal Committee to BirdLife Victoria. The idea was accepted by BirdLife Victoria.

Draft terms of reference were discussed

  1. Act as the curator of the Official Victorian birdlist
  2. Legitimise new bird records for Victoria
  3. Liaise with the public regarding bird records in Victoria
  4. Maintain appropriate up to date reocrds on a website
  5. Participate as a Committee member of the BirdLife Victoria Regional Group and provide reports to the Committee and BirdLife members
  6. Participate with appropriate national and other states rarities committees

Initial Committee membership agreed: Scott Baker, Jen Spry, Steve Davidson, Tim Bawden, Mel Mitchell, Tania Ireton, Joy Tansey and Rob Farnes

Name was discussed and accepted – Victorian Ornithological Records Appraisal Committee (VORAC)

Office bearers proposed and accepted

  • Chairperson – Scott Baker
  • Secretary: Joy Tansey

Draft Operating Plan for 2017-2018 discussed

Review List discussed

Taxonomy discussed – keeping consistent with BARC it was proposed and accepted that IOC taxonomy be used.

Penguin Logo proposed and accepted



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